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EVOLVE Volumizer Hair Restoration

Jean Henry Salon offers women who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair a practical and beautiful solution. Jean Henry is certified as an Evolve Hair Restoration Specialist.

The Evolve Volumizer is a unique nonsurgical, integrated hair replacement system made of 100% human hair that is customized for each individual client. It consists of 100 per cent human hair that’s lightweight and conforms to the shape of the top and crown of the client’s head. It can be worn for up to five weeks before being uninstalled and reinstalled. Each hair on the system is hand-tied, to create volume on the top and to lay flat and blend in with the sides of a client’s head shape. The system can be cut to your individual style and blow-dried, ironed (curl and flat), dried naturally, braided, tucked behind your ear, or put up into a pony or chignon for evening wear. The Evolve Volumizer addresses all of the needs and wants a woman has for fuller, thicker, denser hair. It produces immediate results and requires no glue, no adhesives, and no chemicals. It can also be integrated with extensions, to add length to your desired style.

The Evolve Volumizer offers a salon solution to the problems of hair loss or thinning hair and do it with real style.

Evolve Volumizer


A unique solution for hair loss and thinning hair is available at Jean Henry Salon.