Jean Henry

Celebrity Hair & Wig Stylist

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It all started with me, going to hairdressing school and along the way, I felt the need to get my barbering license. Then I worked in hair salons until I bought my 1st salon and I always continued with my education every year, building on my hair skills.

I began to work in community theater and college theater in Northampton, MA. As I prepared for the plays, I would send my husband Carl to the library to research the period of the hair. There was no money for wigs, so I had to  style the actors or students hair. As time went on I had the opportunity to work in New York.

My 1st job in New York was "A Christmas Carol," at Madison Square Garden. Then I joined the local 798 Hairstylist & Makeup Union which allowed me to work on Broadway. That's where I worked with the best wig makers and wig designers. I learned a lot about period hair do's.

After 5 years or so I began working on TV. I started on "Saturday Night Live," in 2000 and was working there for 9 years. I worked with the best wig designers and continued to grow. As I was working on TV, I then started to prepare for my Journeyman Test, which means I then could work on movies, which I presently continue to do, along with operating my Salon.